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Organic Fine Cut Green Rooibos


4 oz. – Loose leaf organic Green Rooibos Tea.  These finely cut tea leaves are quick to brew and yield a strong, full-bodied flavor.  Green Rooibos is harvested from the same South African plant as the traditional red rooibos but is processed differently. Whereas the red rooibos leaves are bruised and oxidized, the green rooibos leaves are specially treated to prevent oxidation, leaving them closer to their natural state.


Rooibos Limited is a Fair Trade tea company, bringing you high-quality organic tea from South African plantations. Originating in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape, the South African Rooibos industry has grown phenomenally in recent years, since scientists discovered that Rooibos Tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals.  Rooibos Limited is committed to encouraging the development of South Africa’s economy and lessening their global footprint through the largescale use of solar energy.  Your purchase of Rooibos Limited Tea helps support both the economic development in the region overall and the ongoing operations of HRGlocal.

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