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HRGlocal’s Out of Captivity Speakers Program supports trafficking survivors who are artists, writers, speakers, musicians and performers by facilitating their appearances and performances.  We currently organize speaking engagements and book readings at churches, conferences, schools, and for members of civic organizations, and we are in the planning stages to sponsor art exhibitions and community art projects.  We will also soon support the creative work of human trafficking survivors on our Out of Captivity blog.  To learn more, visit our Out of Captivity Speakers Program Page.



Through our Glocal Marketplace, we support organizations that employ trafficking victims and other vulnerable persons.  A large number of prostitution, forced labor and trafficking victims become entrapped because their desperate economic situation leads them to accept fraudulent job offers or believe other deceptive propositions.  Those who escape their abusers or captors need a way to support themselves and their families, but often have few skills or resources to do so. 

HRGlocal partners with organizations in developing countries that teach survivors a trade such as sewing or jewelry-making, as well as train participants in small business management so they are able to plan a path out of poverty.  Your purchases from our Glocal Marketplace merchants will help individuals and families start a new life free from abuse, as well as support economic development in growing regions.



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HRGlocal is partnering with Lakeland Health System in Berrien County, Michigan and a physician from a children’s hospital to create a comprehensive human trafficking identification training tool for all personnel in the medical profession.  Although other training tools exist to help professionals identify the signs of human trafficking, Lakeland and HRGlocal’s new training has two modules.  The high-level module is designed to train doctors and nurses, while a separate module is designed to train other healthcare workers such as medical assistants, patient care techs, receptionists and environmental service associates.  Both modules will contain video profiles of women who were trafficked in Michigan and now work to prevent trafficking.


To learn more about the training program, visit our Trafficking Identification Training Program Page.


We are creating a “glocal” (global + local) community

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The HRGlocal Alliance helps build connections between local churches, civic groups and schools, with anti-human trafficking and human rights organizations all over the world.  Through our “Out of Captivity” Program, we will initially visit local organizations to increase awareness of human trafficking, bringing a trafficking survivor to share their experiences.  Then we provide various ways that these local organizations can get involved in the fight to end human trafficking.  This includes helping them build relationships with locally-based merchants from our Glocal Marketplace such as Weaving Hope Jewelry and Si-Tek Sewing, as well as get plugged into international organizations such as International Justice Mission. 


By acting as a bridge between organizations, we seek to bring innovative solutions from one region of the country to another and eliminate the duplication of services between local organizations.  By collaborating instead of competing, anti-trafficking and human rights organizations can increase their impact exponentially, transforming the lives of even more trafficking survivors.


The HRGlocal Alliance aims to launch in early 2017.


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HRGlocal provides small nonprofits, particularly those working in the arenas of anti-trafficking and human rights, with referrals and access to technical support in the areas of organizational strategic planning and nonprofit development; communications, public relations and marketing; branding and graphic design; website design and web hosting; email marketing and social media management; fundraising and event planning.  In the future, we also plan to offer human resources support, including staff recruitment, healthcare and benefits management, performance evaluation systems, accounting and payroll.


While these services are not free, HRGlocal’s Support Network is able to offer low-cost solutions to small nonprofits that cannot afford to hire full-time communications, design and development staff members or human resources personnel.  Consultants work on an as-needed basis per project and price their services with nonprofit organizations in mind.  A low-cost monthly fee structure will be available to nonprofits who hire HRGlocal to provide human resources support for their organization.


For more information regarding our Nonprofit Support Network, email info@hrglocal.org.