Mission & Values

OUR VISION is to create a world where the human rights of each individual are valued, where vulnerable children and adults are no longer used as slaves or abused, and where every person is able to provide for themselves and their families with dignity.


OUR MISSION is to connect people, unite organizations and provide resources that empower the “glocal” community in the fight to help end human trafficking and other human rights violations.

“The Lord has told us what is good. What he requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God.” 


(Micah 6:8, Good News Translation)




We work directly with survivors of human trafficking who act as our Advisory Board, so that every program and service we provide is sensitive to and informed by the cruel realities of trafficking and slavery.  By connecting and collaborating with survivors, we are able to be responsive to the needs of both victims and the larger community.


We are committed to partnering with many groups, organizations and people from diverse walks of life and we support interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.  By partnering with businesses and organizations that directly serve victims of trafficking and human rights violations, we are able to support real life transformation.  Our glocal network has greater power to increase awareness of human trafficking and facilitate the exchange of ideas between partners in many countries, encouraging innovation. 


Our network is a springboard for new partnership opportunities, a space where different creative energies can come together in new ways to join the fight against human trafficking and slavery.


We are also committed to supporting the creative expression of human trafficking survivors, helping to bring healing to this community through art, music, written expression and the spoken word.



We act boldly to support survivors of human trafficking and other human rights violations.

We empower survivors of human trafficking to speak out and courageously share their experiences so that they can experience healing, increase awareness of trafficking that goes on within the United States, and help people understand how to prevent trafficking in their home towns.


We are sensitive, patient and responsive to the needs of victims, survivors and thrivers.  We seek to understand their perspectives and support their healing.  We treat everyone, who has been trafficked, as well as their families, with kindness, dignity and respect.


We are dedicated to supporting both the individual survivors of human trafficking and the large-scale, systemic changes that are necessary to put an end to human rights violations.  We will not be deterred from the pursuit of our vision for a world where each individual is valued and treated with dignity.


Our actions, programs and services are guided by our responsibility to reduce our human trafficking footprint and support our vision for a better world in concrete ways.  We are committed to economically supporting businesses and organizations that employ trafficking victims and other vulnerable persons.