The HRGlocal NonProfit Support Network

HRGlocal provides small nonprofits, particularly those working in the areas of anti-trafficking and human rights, with referrals and access to technical support in the areas of:


  • organizational strategic planning
  • nonprofit development
  • branding and graphic design
  • website design and web hosting
  • ongoing communications, public relations and marketing
  • email marketing and social media management
  • fundraising and event planning


In the future, we also plan to offer human resources support, including staff recruitment, healthcare and benefits management, performance evaluation systems, accounting and payroll.


While these services are not free, HRGlocal’s Support Network is able to offer low-cost solutions to small nonprofits that cannot afford to hire full-time communications, design and development staff members or human resources personnel. Consultants work on an as-needed basis per project and price their services with nonprofit organizations in mind. In the future, a low-cost monthly fee structure will be available to nonprofits who hire HRGlocal to provide human resources support for their organization.


For more information regarding our Nonprofit Support Network, email