Blake Thompson

Beaten. Tortured. Raped. Sold.


Blake Thompson is a sex trafficking survivor who was forced into the sex trade at the age of seventeen. She came from a broken home, where her adulterous father abandoned her family when she was only three years old. Her mother was forced to raise three young children on her own, leaving her exhausted and desperate. The absence of unconditional love in Blake’s childhood left a void in her heart. She attempted to fill this emptiness with alcohol, drugs, and sexual experimentation.


Predators found it easy to prey upon Blake’s vulnerability. She was kidnapped and held against her will at three different times. She was forced to peddle her body to strangers all night, every night. When she resisted, she was beaten by her pimps. Blake remembers that one night, after hearing her talk about trying to escape, one of her pimps punished her even more harshly than usual. Dragging her down into a basement, he stripped her and threw her down on a bare mattress. There were strangers around, but none of them tried to stop her pimp as he beat and raped her.


During that time, Blake had no hope for the future, and so she lived her life from day to day. She grasped onto whatever thread of dignity remained intact as she was forced to entertain and please strangers.


But Blake is a survivor. She eventually rescued herself, and she has found both salvation and freedom in the unconditional love of God, her Holy Father. She is a truly courageous and remarkable woman who has overcome many obstacles and now works with HRGlocal in an advisory capacity.